"Village" Parenting Groups

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Bluebird healing is proud to announce the "Village" series of psycho-educational and supportive groups for parents of children with a variety of concerns or neuro-differences! This is a big city and it can be hard to find parents who "get it" and can be there when you are struggling or needing others to celebrate with. Bluebird healing's goal with the "Village" groups are to help parents create a village in which to raise their children and connect with other like minded parents or parents in similar family systems. Groups require a 6 month commitment (with the possibility of extension) and are closed. This means the parents you begin your village with will be consistent over time thus helping you, as a participant, to deepen your relationships and the supportive connections that will help you to thrive. Participants will be carefully screened when forming groups to carefully consider best overall group fit and cohesiveness. 

Groups will meet once a month for two hrs (additional days/times can be considered based on group need.