Personal Parenting Plans

This is a personalized parenting service in which Amanda preforms a 2 hour complete intake session and then observes the family and child/children in their home setting and then working with the information gathered from both the parent(s)/caregivers and the observation, creates a tailored parenting intervention plan for the family to implement. She then checks in with the family at a two week mark during a 1-2 hour follow up coaching session and assess what strategies are most helpful and what areas of family life and the parenting plan still need more care. Adjustments are then made to the parenting plan and the family will have three follow up 30 min. coaching  calls in the month following the final adjustment to the parenting plan for additional parenting support. Amanda's goal has always been to empower families and parents to live the most connected and loving lives possible and this is a very direct way to help families achieve their goals.

This is a 2 month process from intake and observation to the last coaching call and full cost is $3,000.00 

(covid-19 notice: observations can be done remotely through zoom)