Amanda Yoder de la Llata, Licensed Professional Counselor at Bluebird Healing


So glad you have stopped by to check out Bluebird Healing and the services offered.

Why a Bluebird you ask?

Many cultural myths and symbols that involve the bluebird show its arrival as a representation of joy, hope, and happiness that are expecting you in the future.

Bluebird healing hopes to be the companion on your own personal journey to help you find your own way to the joy, hope, and happiness that await you.

Bluebird healing is not accepting clients until fall of 2024

This notice will be updated every six months and will reflect if there are any openings for therapeutic services for children, teens, families, parent coaching and groups. At this time I do not keep or maintain a waiting list.

Amanda de la Llata has received all three shots of the Modena Covid-19 vaccine and will get all recommended ongoing boosters and is happy to answer any questions about the process. Bluebird healing believes in the science and efficacy of vaccinating and will no longer accept adults or children as clients who are not adhering to the CDC's recommended vaccine schedule. This is due to the risk it poses to medically vulnerable child clients and to Therapist's medically vulnerable Son and Daughter. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Bluebird Healing

Amanda Yoder de la Llata,
Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist 


1011 Meredith Drive, Suite 5

Austin, TX 78748