Play Therapy

Bluebird healing is no longer be accepting clients who are in current litigation (including divorce or custody). Bluebird healing will also no longer accept clients who have a lawyer on retainer. The court process takes valuable time and energy away from the therapist's case load and can be a very costly process for the client. 

Currently not accepting new clients

When children have problems, sometimes they don’t have the words to talk about them. Play gives children a way to communicate feelings they don’t understand or can’t express through a language that is natural for them.

Play therapy techniques have been shown to be an effective intervention with children for a variety of behavioral and emotional difficulties. 

Amanda truly believes that play is the universal language of childhood, adolescence, and even adulthood. 

Play therapy techniques are a way to meet children, teens, and adults where they are both emotionally and developmentally. 

COVID-19 Notice:  Currently Mask wearing is recommended but optional due to low community transmission in accordance to CDC guidelines. If you do not have one or arrive without a mask one can be provided for you. Bluebird healing will no longer be accepting child clients that are not adhering to the CDC's recommended vaccine schedule due to the risk it poses to therapist's medically vulnerable child clients and therapist's medically vulnerable son.