Amanda Yoder de la Llata, Licensed Professional Counselor at Bluebird Healing

Amanda de la Llata 

                  Licensed Professional Counselor 

Registered Play Therapist 

Amanda (She/Her) has the underlying passion to help individuals, children, and families find compassion for themselves and to learn new ways to cope with life and relationships. The counseling relationship she forges is built on honesty, compassion, and confidentiality. When conducting Play Therapy and Family Therapy services, Amanda is respectful to the confidentiality and concerns of both child and parent. She uses her playful sense of humor and relaxed demeanor to engage children and allow them to feel safe enough to explore deeper emotional concerns through their play. When teaching Therapeutic Parenting skills to parents/care-givers, Amanda again uses her playful sense of humor to guide parents towards more meaningful and positive interactions with their children. She uses storytelling, play, and brainstorming to engage parents in the learning/therapeutic process. 

When counseling adults and families, Amanda utilizes information about childhood experiences, family of origin, and current personal concerns to help clients to be self-compassionate and meet life’s difficulties in more constructive ways. She believes that all people strive for significance and acceptance and does her best to provide this atmosphere during each counseling session.

Amanda is certified in the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor and as a Registered Play Therapist. She holds a Masters of Professional Counseling, from CACREP accredited Texas State University located in San Marcos, Texas. She earned a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Slavic Languages and Literature (emphasis in Russian Language) from The University of Kansas, located in Lawrence, Kansas (Rock Chalk Jay Hawk!).

Prior to becoming a therapist, Amanda spent 13 years working with children in educational and home settings as a preschool teacher, para-professional, care giver, and Nanny. Through her many years of working with children she became inspired to help children and families who were in emotional distress and needed encouragement, guidance, and hope. 

Amanda has specialized training in neurodivergent concerns and identities. This includes ADHDers, Dyslexics, Autistic individuals, P.A.N.D.A.S/P.A.N.S, Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Processing Differences. The Playroom is a very inclusive and sensory friendly environment. Amanda uses her knowledge of sensory processing concerns to also help victims of trauma, both children and adults.

 Amanda is trained in E.M.D.R. and is working towards certification and special training to utilize this training with children.

In her free time Amanda hangs out with her two young ND children and husband in the parks and hiking spots in and around Austin. Amanda also enjoys researching new and wonderful sensory interventions, sewing, and gardening.